Eye Shadow Makeup Cosmetic 12 Color Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow Palette & brush Set No. 3

June 3, 2017 - Comment
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Happy Family says:

No sparkles mixed in it Absolutely this photo the woman’s eyes is fake by impossible she’s using the same makeup/product that being sold and I am very disappointed that this makeup does not have the sparkles as showing!

Anne says:

cheap quality Cheap quality I would compare it to dollar general makeup that stuff that we all bought when we were 13 lol don’t care for it much, wouldn’t stay on longer than 3 hours and was very dull when you out it on too. Looks sparkely on top but its like they put some glitter on top of the eye shadows to look nice and under that its just dull colors.

Kindle Customer says:

Pass it up! Pretty until you rub off the first layer and not as viberant! Warning this is no better than dollar store eye shadow. I bought it thinking the colors would be vibrant and shinny and after the top layer it looks like chalk. The black is good and the case is hard to open.

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